TDIH: February 17, 1957


Cotton Owens leads all but nine laps on the soft Daytona sand, en route to his first career Grand National victory. Starting the day in third, he would pilot his Pontiac Chieftain to an average speed of 101.541, the fastest ever on the beach. Continue reading


TDIH: February 11, 1951


Marshall Teague wins his first career race in the 1951 opener, held at the Daytona Beach & Road Course. He would lead the final 12 laps, en route to giving the Hudson Hornet its first NASCAR victory. Continue reading

Johnny wins and Petty grins


After 500 miles on the freshly laid Daytona asphalt, Johnny Beauchamp wins in one of the closest finishes in NASCAR history. But then again, he didn’t. Lee Petty did. Continue reading